1 August 2022

After Amsterdam I went to Paris for a few days. It was a quiet time of sightseeing before heading to London.


22 February 2022

On our way back towards Western Europe, we spent a week in Amsterdam.

Prague + Budapest + Vienna

31 January 2022

The first unplanned stop on this trip was Prague. On the advice of someone we talked to in Berlin, we decided to check out both Prague and Budapest. We then stopped in Vienna for a day on our way to Amsterdam.

Germany: Berlin and Thuringia

24 January 2022

After Scandinavia I spent a week in Germany. First in Berlin then around Thuringia.

Stockholm and Copenhagen

10 January 2022

After leaving Iceland we headed to Scandinavia.

I posted photos from both Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Last Day in Iceland. Next Stop: Sweden

3 January 2022

On our last two days in Iceland we wandered around Reykyavik.

Here are my pictures from that day.

Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon

27 December 2021

On our third day in Iceland we drove for a while to reach Diamond Beach.

Here are my pictures from that day.

Waterfalls and Beaches and Glaciers

20 December 2021

On our second day in Iceland we visited many waterfalls, some black sand beaches, and a glacier.

Here are my pictures from that day.

Four Months in Europe: Day One

23 February 2021

On day 1 of my year off Europe trip I flew from NYC to Iceland with 2 of my friends.

Here are my pictures from that day.

Europe In 60 Seconds

19 February 2019

I went to Europe for 4 months in 2018 as part of my year off. While I was there I shot a bunch of pictures and videos, the latter of which I’m finally going through. This is a quick summary of the whole trip while I’m working on the rest of the videos.

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