Route 66

3 June 2019

In April of this year I went on a road trip with my brother-in-law, John. Our ultimate destination was Moab, Utah.

I left from South Florida and stopped in Tallahassee, FL and Lake Charles, LA before picking up John in Dallas, TX. We drove to Amarillo, TX, then followed Route 66 to Albequerque, NM. It was a bit of a gloomy day, but we had a lot of time so we stopped along the way to see sights of a time past.

Barcelona, Spain

27 May 2019

After a long train ride from Bilbao (that we almost missed due to a 5am taxi not arriving) I arrived in Barcelona. I mostly only went to Sagrada Família before leaving for Madrid.

Bilbao, Spain

23 May 2019

After San Sebastian I took a bus down to Bilbao.

San Sebastian, Spain

29 April 2019

After a long train journey from France, I arrived in San Sebastian, Spain. I spent a few days in Basque country, enjoying the beach and tapas.

Toulouse, France

3 April 2019

To split up the trip between Nice and San Sebastian, Spain, I stopped in Toulouse for a couple of days. It’s a lovely quiet city and I ate the most delicious dark chocolate I’ve ever had.

Nice, France

19 March 2019

My second visit to France was more pleasant than the first. After saying goodbye to Italy I met back up with my friend Nicole on our way to Spain. We took a day trip to Monaco after arriving in Nice, then explored around the French Riviera for a few days.

February 2019

10 March 2019

February was a short but full month. I went to Disney (again, for Moonlight Magic, with my Sister and some friends.) I also joined my sister on a wedding photo shoot at the Jupiter Civic Center to provide aerial footage, which was the first time I used my drone for something other than fun.


7 March 2019

Monaco is a short train ride from Nice, France, which was my destination after being in Italy for a couple of weeks. I was there for a day trip and visited Jardine Exotique de Monaco, Casino de Monte Carlo, Port Hercule, and walked around near the Oceanographic Museum.

Europe In 60 Seconds

19 February 2019

I went to Europe for 4 months in 2018 as part of my year off. While I was there I shot a bunch of pictures and videos, the latter of which I’m finally going through. This is a quick summary of the whole trip while I’m working on the rest of the videos.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy

13 February 2019

I made a quick stop in Manarola in the Cinque Terre (in addition to visiting Riomaggiore.) I didn’t have much time there because a giant storm was arriving in the evening. Everything was closing and I needed to take a train back to where I was staying. It was still a nice place to visit for a few hours.

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