I'm Taking a Year Off

4 May 2018

Today is my last day at The New York Times. Working here for the last two years has been the most incredible experience of my career up to this point. I have learned so much, I have grown as a person and as an engineer, and I have worked with the best damn team that I could have asked for. I will miss you all greatly.

Tomorrow I get to start an adventure that I have wanted to go on for many years. I’ve waited for this, preparing financially and professionally for the day that I would feel comfortable leaving a steady income and jumping into a big unknown. I will be traveling for most of the year with few concrete plans, which is exciting and scary and I can’t wait.

If you want to follow along I will be posting regular updated here and on my Instagram and YouTube accounts!

Edit: I wrote about why I’m taking this year off.

Edit: I am posting videos from the trip.

How We Built The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide

7 April 2018

My team at The New York Times built the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide on the same platform that we build How To Guides. It took effort from product, design, editorial, and engineering, and you can read about how we did it on the Times Open blog. I wrote the fun section titled “API and Data Model Updates”.

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