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30 July 2022

After spending the first 14 months of the pandemic in Florida and Georgia, I moved back to NYC in May of 2021. Why? Still not really sure. I have been in and out of the city since 2016 and was feeling the pull again; NYC has a tendency to draw you in once you’ve spent time there. And I was ready to be around more people. Who knows how long I’ll be here this time.

Depression struck after I moved up, but that story is one that’s better told in its own post (I’m okay now). It’s why I don’t really have any pictures from the Summer and only a couple in NYC.

I went to Georgia for Thanksgiving, to hang out with the fam and camp. Then I took two weeks off at the end of December. That time off was the most restorative experience I’d had in a while. I had a very strong creative resurgence as I was coming out of my depression in October; taking time off only pronounced that. I began editing travel videos from my Year Off and I started playing music again. Not to spoil 2022 but so far it has been a deeply satisfying year of making things.

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