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London, England

31 October 2018

Recovery from my Paris food poisioning incident happened in London. Thanks to my college roomie James for letting me ride that out in his apartment for a week.

Berlin, Germany

30 October 2018

My first night train experience was from Copenhagen to Berlin. It was miserable because I thought it was a good idea to not get a bunk room. Always get a bunk room on a night train. They don’t turn off the lights in the normal seat cars. And the seats don’t recline. And people are loud. Get a bunk room.

I have a video from this part of the trip as well.

Paris, France

29 October 2018

I spent a few days in Paris after Amsterdam. The sights were nice, but I did end up with food poisioning on my last day there which was not fun.


28 October 2018

From Vienna I took an overnight train to Amsterdam, where I spent seven days. While there I took a day trip to Haarlem which was worth it.


4 October 2018

After Budapest I made a quick 2 day stop in Vienna. One day was a rest/work day and the other was sightseeing. Next time I’m in Austria I’d like to venture out into the countryside.

I made a video about my time there.


3 October 2018

After Prague I headed to Budapest. Budapest was not on my original itenarary, but was recommended by someone I met in Berlin. It ended up being worth the trip.

I made a video about my time there.


2 October 2018

After leaving Germany I headed to Prague for a few days.

I made a video about my time there.

Thuringia, Germany

1 October 2018

My second stop in Germany was the region of Thuringia. Nicole knew a family who lived there so we stayed with them for three nights.

Our wonderful hosts Kersten, Julia, Maria, and Enrico drove us around to castles and festivals and forests and fed us delicious home-cooked meals. It was a nice break from the cities and Airbnb’s, and the hospitality was much appreciated!

This trip was part of my year off travels.

I have a video from this part of the trip as well.

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